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Effective Feedback Matters for Managers

Managers play a pivotal role in shaping an organization's feedback culture. Their ability to provide and receive feedback effectively directly impacts team performance, employee engagement, and overall success. Yet, so many managers haven't been given training to improve their ability to give meaningful feedback.

Feedback bridges the gap between where performance is and where it needs to be. The power of constructive and supportive feedback cannot be overstated.

Managers who excel at feedback foster trust, collaboration, and continuous improvement, creating a workplace culture that attracts and retains top talent. Thus, equipping managers with the skills and tools for effective feedback is a strategic imperative for any organization striving for excellence.

Our team benefited significantly from Shift Positive. It is a gift to connect in this way, guided by a recognition of and nurturing of each other's strengths. We are continuing this work together and greatly appreciate being set on this path.

Lila Rutten, Ph.D, Chair, Division of Epidemiology, Mayo Clinic

Shift Positive® Applied-Manager Training

An illustration depicting a manager participating in Shift Positive Applied training to improve their skills. Surrounding the manager are individuals providing feedback and asking questions, indicating an interactive learning environment focused on professional development and growth.

Managers and leaders are responsible for giving feedback each day. It is essential that they not just grasp this new mindset and approach, but actively learn how to use it through interactive application and practice, allowing them to model the method effectively with others. They too can benefit from receiving feedback in this new way so they can experience the transformation of the Shift Positive® method.

A five-class interactive applied learning experience with a seasoned Shift Positive coach, including:

  • A New Approach to Feedback: Understand why dialogue and feedback is difficult and how positive psychology and social support provides a way forward to stronger relationships, well-being and belonging. Understand how our negativity bias and positivity offset impact us. Utilize a practical tool (PIIP) for managing overwhelm and catastrophizing. Work from a growth mindset and understand the neuroscience of social threats and their antidotes.
  • Strengths-Based Feedback: The importance of strengths-based recognition and conversations: knowing and highlighting strengths (conducting and share out of VIA strengths). Understanding the impact of strengths-based feedback on engagement. Also, utilizing one's strengths in areas of development.
  • Solution-Focused Feedback: How to move from problem-focused to solution-focused conversations that focus on what to do, getting past inattentional blindness and negativity bias. Practicing dialogue using a solutions-based approach.
  • Building from a Desired Future: Learn how to use appreciative inquiry to visualize a desired future and craft steps to bring it to fruition. Applying appreciative inquiry to current engagement challenges and skill development.
  • Leveraging Social Support: Understanding human systems, team dynamics and social support. Committing to being allies in each other's well-being, growth and development. Leverage research into the power of social support to drive sustainable change. Practice Active Constructive Responding to capitalize on good news and successes.

Each class will include time to share, to ask questions and connect. Additionally, attendees will apply concepts of constructive dialogue and feedback in large group and breakouts. Pre-session assignments and resources are provided to maximize learning, apply to real life situations, and improve overall impact of the sessions.

With Shift Positive Applied, your managers will become true champions of positive leadership, equipped with the knowledge and skills to drive lasting change, and foster a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

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