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Discover How to Provide Feedback That's Human, Energizing, and Effective

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You've probably experienced the pain or discomfort of receiving or giving feedback. It's no surprise research confirms that traditional ways of gathering and delivering feedback are broken, often causing more harm than good. If you're a leader, coach, or leadership development professional feeling stuck on how to best retain and develop talent, Feedback Reimagined will show you the way. Inside these pages, authors and executive coaches Pete Berridge, MAPP, PCC and Jen Ostrich, PCC illuminate the challenges of traditional feedback approaches and invite you to reimagine a new way of experiencing feedback that's both empowering and effective. Grounded in the science of positive psychology and social support, the Shift Positive® Method revolutionizes the experience of feedback, creating more energized and engaged workforces.

Learn how to:

  • Discern what's making your feedback system ineffective and detrimental to talent development
  • Gain clarity on what feedback looks like at its best and how it can be transparent while still being psychologically safe
  • Learn and apply practical tools from the science of positive psychology and social support for more effective results
  • Build a culture of two-way accountability where everyone is an ally in each other's growth
  • Create a shift in mindset that positively impacts employee engagement across the entire organization

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Praise for Feedback Reimagined

  • "Positive feedback loops are crucial for creating virtuous cycles. Anyone interested in becoming better and bringing out the best in others, start here. Feedback Reimagined is a well researched and practical guide for putting humans back into the equation for happiness and success."

  • "Excellent! Engaging stakeholders has never been more critical in coaching for the client's success and increased trust for their team. The Shift Positive Method perfectly captures this by creating a social system of support and will leave you with the actionable steps to start implementing this today."

  • "What the authors have accomplished here is incredibly profound while at the same time being simple and direct. Shifting away from peer criticism and lack of individual commitment, this approach teaches leaders and team members alike to hone their personal awareness, participate in the development of others, and collectively drive success as a team. I've seen nothing like it, and it is effective."

  • "I was a skeptic who respectfully argued that feedback should be anonymous. I was wrong. I've seen the difference in how people's eyes light up when they receive Shift Positive Method feedback. Feedback Reimagined is a brilliant catalyst to challenge your feedback ideas and to help people make long-lasting changes."

  • "What a refreshing method of feedback for leaders and teams today. Feedback Reimagined breaks down what makes feedback feel hard while paving the way for a different experience that's energizing and effective, reinforcing a culture of trust and psychological safety."

  • "I had the pleasure of experiencing the Shift Positive Method while leading People, Talent and Culture at Wieden+Kennedy. The mindset shift is built upon principles I believe in, arranged in a manageable framework. As an HR executive, there are so many models to consider; this is one of the few that leads to culture adoption and change. I couldn't recommend it more to other CHROs or CPOs."

  • "Once I was trained in the Shift Positive Method and learned the science and research behind what makes it so powerful, I made it the chosen method our coaches use with clients. I am thrilled that Pete and Jen have made Shift Positive even more accessible by writing Feedback Reimagined. Shift Positive is our go-to feedback tool for leaders wanting greater psychological safety, more engagement, enhanced collaboration, better performance, and stronger teams. I will be sharing this book with all of our HR partners!"

  • "When offering career advice over the years, I have often said, 'Know what you are good at, but more importantly, know what you are passionate about.' It was difficult for me to explain 'why' to people until I experienced the formal coaching around strengths-based feedback and took my team through the Shift Positive process. It's a breakthrough in getting alignment, positive energy, and motivation for yourself and your teams!"

  • "My leadership strengths were crystalized and deepened with the Shift Positive Method. The process was a two-way mirror; it at once affirmed my self-awareness and offered insight into how others experience me. Armed with this profound knowledge, I see the possibility for my personal growth with greater clarity, optimism, and conviction to grow into my next leadership frontier."