An illustration portraying a Shift Positive certification course in progress. A leader stands at the front of the class, delivering instruction or facilitating discussion, while participants sit at tables, attentively listening and engaging with the material. The image reflects a collaborative learning environment focused on cultivating positive leadership skills and practices.

Shift Positive 360 Certification

Shift Positive 360® certification improves the way people experience feedback. Our feedback certification will help you bring this effective approach to feedback to your clients or organization.

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An Experiential Approach to Learning, Development, Feedback, and Growth

In a world where traditional feedback processes often fall short, a revolution in the way we approach learning, development, and growth is long overdue. The current methods, marked by criticism, confidentiality and a focus on fixing what is broken, have created a culture of apprehension and resistance.

At Shift Positive, we've studied the research, recognize the shortcomings, and have re-designed, tested, and refined an entirely new approach to feedback.

The Shift Positive 360® is an elegantly designed narrative 360 supported by a technology platform to help with administrative support (scheduling & tracking), consistent key messaging to participants, voice to text transcription, report generation, development planning, and progress measurement.

Shift Positive 360® is the next step in effective feedback and development that coaches, Human Resource Business Professionals (HRBP's), and Learning and Development Professionals have been searching for.

About Shift Positive 360 Certification

An illustration showing a person proudly holding their Shift Positive certification. The individual is depicted holding the certification document in their hands, symbolizing successful completion of the training program and their commitment to positive leadership principles.

We believe in an experiential approach to learning and development and promise an interactive experience.

First, we focus on the model—how Shift Positive 360® was developed—the why behind the approach. We will cover the Positive Psychology and Social Support research that backs up each question of this unique approach, taking a close look at each aspect of the narrative interview.

Next, we focus on the methodology—how the Shift Positive 360® has changed the way people experience feedback and how you too can bring this approach to your clients or organization.

Through breakouts, participant role play, live coaching demos, interactive group exercises, and a focus on personal debrief time you will have ample time to practice this approach while also reflecting on how YOU are experiencing your own shifts throughout the training.

It is not just about the questions of the Shift Positive 360®, but also the shift that you make as a coach or LD professional in order to conduct the Shift Positive 360® effectively.

In the certification process you will:

  • Get grounded in key positive psychology concepts
  • Feel confident in using the Shift Positive 360®
  • Uncover and change assumptions regarding feedback
  • Challenge the traditional 360 approach of confidentiality and turn transparency into an advantage
  • Become skilled at reframing negative feedback into constructive feedback
  • Move from general feedback/concepts to specific behaviors
  • Move from past-focus to future-focus
  • Turn stakeholders into allies for your client
  • Learn how to build & involve a support system for your client over the entire engagement; beyond the 360 itself
  • Learn how to share feedback effectively with your client
  • Show the ROI of this approach to your client & their company using the Shift Progress Survey
  • Understand how this approach actually leads to more clients and momentum
  • Become aware of your own mindshifts
  • Complete a practicum and receive one-to-one instructor support

You will receive 8.0 core competencies and 10.5 resource development CCEs from ICF for completion of this training.

Transformation doesn't stop after you're certified. Our certified community connects frequently on community calls with Change Positive CEO, Pete Berridge, and other subject matter experts. Together we share our experiences, network with each other, hone our skills, and enjoy social connection with colleagues.

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Bring Shift Positive Certification to Your Organization

If your organization is interested in using the Shift Positive 360® process as your method for in-depth feedback and leadership development, the HRBP or LD team can be certified in the Shift Positive 360® and be licensed to use it internally.

We can work with you to create a custom certification process at your company or have you join one of our regular certifications depending on the size of your group and timing needs.

Additionally, we have specific solutions for executive and leadership development, team development, manager training, and all-staff development.

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Introduction to Shift Positive Certification

Want to learn more about the Shift Positive approach? Join an upcoming Introduction to Certification hosted by CEO, Pete Berridge. During this Zoom call, talk through the curriculum, outcomes of certification, and answer questions so you can discern if the Shift Positive 360® approach is right for you.

By attending, you will receive a discount of $200 off the regular registration price if you decide to enroll.

July 10, 2024

12:00-1:00 PM CT


August 14, 2024

3:00-4:00 PM CT


September 25, 2024

12:00-1:00 PM CT


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