An illustration of a leader surrounded by a group of people, symbolizing authority, influence, and guidance. The leader is positioned centrally, exuding confidence and commanding attention, while the surrounding individuals look towards them, indicating respect and reliance on their leadership.

Changing the Experience of Feedback

Shift Positive provides an effective framework for feedback grounded in positive psychology and allyship. We empower individuals and teams to thrive through constructive, effective communication.

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Feedback is an Essential Skill

Feedback is essential yet hard; but not with Shift Positive®. The ability to learn and grow is crucial for employee engagement, which is why providing constructive feedback is a critical leadership skill. However, research shows that feedback often fails. It is wrapped in confidentiality, radical candor, or kid gloves. Feedback fails because of design flaws, not poor intention.

A New Approach to Feedback

More than 35% of the time, feedback interventions lead to a decrease in performance. Traditional feedback is broken.

An illustration displaying a comparison chart between traditional feedback methods and Shift Positive feedback methods. The chart contrasts various aspects of both approaches, highlighting differences in effectiveness, engagement, and outcomes. Shift Positive methods emphasize proactive, collaborative, and constructive feedback practices, fostering growth and positive change.

First, the feedback is often tied to a possible promotion or raise, compromising intent. It's almost always confidential which leads to a lack of context and tone. It's focused on what's not working vs identifying what behaviors/actions someone could be doing more of to excel. Finally, feedback systems lack ongoing support from stakeholders—once it's given it's rarely tracked, followed up on or even noticed if the positive change does occur.

This leaves people feeling unclear, discouraged, isolated, and as though their colleagues are against them vs with them.

The Shift Positive® method transforms the feedback experience by leveraging positive psychology and social support. It takes a solution-focused approach rather than focusing on weaknesses or ineffective behaviors.

We help individuals and organizations embrace a culture that values open dialogue, transparency, constructive feedback, and collaborative growth where staff become an ally to one another in their professional development. We offer scalable solutions for the entire organization built upon the foundation of Shift Positive®.

When we don't know how to say something constructively, we say it confidentially.

Pete Berridge, MAPP, PCC, CEO Change Positive

Effective Feedback Solutions for Your Entire Organization

  • An image depicting a leader at the center, surrounded by a group of people. The leader appears confident and engaged, while the surrounding individuals look towards them, suggesting authority, influence, and teamwork.

    Executive & Leadership Development

    Enhance leadership effectiveness through professionally delivered Shift Positive 360®, Shift Positive Live and executive coaching.

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  • An illustration depicting two individuals standing closely together, each with one arm around the other's shoulder, displaying a sense of friendship or companionship.

    Shift Positive 360 A.I.

    Designed for rising leaders seeking in-depth guidance on their professional growth and development through an AI-powered platform.

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  • An illustration showing a manager standing in front of their team, indicating leadership and direction.

    Manager Training

    Equip managers with effective feedback skills that improve employee performance and engagement.

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  • An illustration portraying a group of people standing together, symbolizing teamwork and collaboration. The individuals are depicted in close proximity, suggesting unity and mutual support within the team.

    Team Effectiveness

    Strengthen team dynamics and performance through Shift Positive Team.

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  • An illustration depicting members of an organization arranged in a network formation, with lines connecting them to signify relationships and communication channels. The image represents the interconnectedness and collaboration within the organization's structure.

    All Staff Development

    Introduce constructive feedback skills to all employees. Plus, utilize Shift Positive Empowered to enable each employee to create a network of support in their professional development.

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  • An illustration portraying a Shift Positive Certification class in session, with participants engaged in learning activities. The image depicts a classroom setting with individuals seated or standing, interacting with instructors or materials, symbolizing professional development and skill acquisition.

    Coach & LD Certification

    Get certified in the Shift Positive 360®, the most in-depth and effective approach to leadership development.

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Positive Shifts Start with a Conversation

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