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Shift+ 360 is a narrative 360 approach used by executive and leadership coaches. This approach is grounded in positive psychology and focuses on engaging the client's "people system" throughout the change process. Positive psychology is the study of human strengths and well-being which employs proven methods to promote the flourishing of people, organizations, and communities. The client's "people system" is the group of people who participate in the 360 and become allies in the client's change.

The shift+ 360 is different than traditional 360's, it uses:

  • appreciative questions to understand the best of what is
  • solution-focused questions to identify specific desired behaviors
  • systems thinking to garner allies from the client's "people system"
  • social network analysis to gain insight into energy raising behaviors and energy zappers

Overall, this process is not just about the individual client. It is about creating an environment that is conducive to the client's progress and engagement; creating fertile soil for successful growth. It is about creating deeper, lasting change, faster, and with more dialogue, disclosure, and depth of thought by all participants—all stakeholders in each other's success.

May 2-3, 2019
Seattle, WA

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September 19-20, 2019
Minneapolis, MN

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how does shift+ 360 compare?

The shift+ 360 takes a solution-focused approach which helps you as coach share context with your client so they can see in their own mind's eye what to do, to be more effective.

The shift+ 360 is not confidential—intentionally. In order for the client's people system to support the client through her/his development, it's important that the client knows and chooses the participants. The feedback is de-identified to prevent the client from putting a different lens to the feedback when first receiving it. Ultimately, however, the client will have a sense of who said what—and that's a good thing—as it's the first step in engaging each person to support the client through change.

"I have always known that there had to be a better way to conduct a 360 assessment as well as a better way to provide feedback. This is the better way."

Executive Coach/HR Director

leadership team

Shift+ 360 was co-founded by two Hudson Institute PCC level coaches, Pete Berridge and Jen Ostrich. Pete has a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and created the shift+ 360 process five years ago to use in his own executive coaching practice. Jen brings 15 years of navigating people systems across the advertising industry to create positive results, and has used the shift+ 360 exclusively for the last three years in her leadership coaching business. Together they have a collection of positive outcomes and have developed this certification at the request of many coaches and human resource professionals.

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Jen Ostrich

Jen Ostrich

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Pete Berridge

Pete Berridge

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Co-Founder Pete Berridge speaking at the Hudson Institute Annual Learning Conference presenting the shift positive 360

"Transforming, rich, smart, thoughtful concepts and application. Great stories and energy. I loved this training!"

Certified Coach, ACC

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