Why Shift Positive?

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creating fertile soil for growth

The Shift Positive™ method is a new and unique way of gathering and giving feedback that's grounded in positive psychology and focuses on engaging the leader's "people system" throughout the change process. Positive psychology is the study of human strengths and well-being which employs proven methods to promote the flourishing of people, organizations, and communities. The leader's "people system" are those who provide feedback and make a commitment to become allies in the leader's growth and development.

The Shift Positive™ method is different than most approaches to feedback, and as a result it's far more effective. It uses:

  • appreciative questions to understand the best of what is
  • solution-focused questions to identify specific desired behaviors
  • systems thinking to garner allies from the leader's "people system"
  • social network analysis to gain insight into energy raising behaviors and energy zappers

Overall, this process is not just about the individual leader receiving feedback. It is about creating an environment that is conducive to the leader's progress and engagement; creating fertile soil for successful growth. It is about creating deeper, lasting change, faster, with more dialogue, disclosure, and depth of thought by all participants—all allies in each other's success.

how is Shift Positive different?

The Shift Positive™ method takes a solution-focused approach rather than focusing further on the weakness or ineffective behaviors, which in turn helps you as Coach or Manager to share context so the person can see in their own mind's eye what to do to be more effective.

We believe when someone doesn't know how to say something constructively, they say it confidentially. With the Shift Positive™ method we ensure the tough feedback is framed in the most constructive and productive way, and for that reason it is not confidential—intentionally. In order for a leader's people system to support him/her through their development, it's important that she/he know and choose who will partake in the feedback process. The feedback can be de-identified to prevent the recipient from putting a different lens to the feedback when first receiving it. Ultimately, however, they will have a sense of who said what—and that's a good thing—as it's the first step in engaging each person to become an ally of support in that leader's growth.

"I have always known that there had to be a better way to conduct a 360 assessment as well as a better way to provide feedback. This is the better way."

Executive Coach/HR Director

leadership team

Shift Positive™ was co-founded by two Hudson Institute PCC level coaches, Pete Berridge and Jen Ostrich. Pete, in addition to 20 years in Human Resources, has a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology. In 2012 he discovered a way to infuse Positive Psychology into 360 feedback to use in his own coaching practice. Jen brings over 15 years experience in branding and managing teams across complex systems in the advertising industry, and after learning of Pete's approach she too used the positive approach 360 exclusively since 2013 in her coaching business. In 2015 Pete and Jen formed a partnership and created the brand and feedback experience that is now known as the Shift Positive method.

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Jen Ostrich

Jen Ostrich

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Pete Berridge

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Co-Founder Pete Berridge speaking at the Hudson Institute Annual Learning Conference presenting Shift Positive 360®

"Transforming, rich, smart, thoughtful concepts and application. Great stories and energy. I loved this training!"

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