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Shift Positive 360 A.I.

Introducing SP360AI, a groundbreaking product designed for rising leaders seeking in-depth guidance on their professional growth and development. With SP360AI, participants gain valuable insights into expectations, strengths, future possibilities, working relationships, and the impact of their energy on others, all supported by an AI-powered platform.

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What is Shift Positive 360 A.I.?

SP360AI is a self-administered version of the renowned Shift Positive 360, fully supported by an AI platform that has been meticulously developed with the Shift Positive philosophy at its core. This cutting-edge AI assistant, trained in the Shift Positive method, provides participants with personalized coaching and guidance on delivering constructive feedback.

Feedback is a crucial component of employee growth and development. However, traditional 360 assessments often fall short in their effectiveness. Studies have shown that nearly 40% of 360s result in poorer performance, often due to compromised intentions and a lack of context. SP360AI addresses these challenges head-on by incorporating the Shift Positive philosophy, which emphasizes strengths, solution-focused feedback, and the importance of context in the feedback process.

By providing a transparent, narrative report and AI-supported coaching for constructive feedback, SP360AI creates a safe and supportive environment for rising leaders to receive valuable insights and guidance. The program is seamlessly administered by a designated program manager, typically an HRBP or leadership development professional within the organization, who assigns uses and acts as a vital resource to developing leaders.

About Shift Positive 360 Certification

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SP360AI is designed with ease of use in mind, making it simple for program managers and leaders to navigate the platform and access valuable insights. The intuitive interface and step-by-step guidance ensure that participants can focus on their growth and development without being overwhelmed by complex processes.

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Role of the Program Manager

Setting Up an Account
The program manager initiates the process by creating an account, entering their name, email, and company information, which seamlessly populates into the platform.

Purchasing and Assigning Uses
The program manager purchases uses of SP360AI and strategically assigns them to each participating leader.

Monitoring Progress and Assisting Leaders
Throughout the process, the program manager oversees progress and provides valuable assistance to leaders as they navigate the platform.

The Leader's Journey

Entering Allies and Inviting Them to Participate
Leaders begin by identifying and entering their allies into the system and extending invitations for their participation.

Completing Self-survey
Leaders engage in self-reflection by completing a comprehensive self-survey.

Monitoring Progress and Closing the Survey
Leaders actively monitor the progress of their 360 and close the survey once complete.

Running the SP360 Report
Upon completion, leaders generate their personalized SP360 report.

Creating a Development Plan and Following Up with Allies
Armed with valuable insights, leaders craft their development plan and engage in meaningful follow-up conversations with their allies.

Conducting the Shift Progress Survey 90 Days Post-360
To measure progress and impact, leaders conduct a Shift Progress Survey 90 days after the initial 360, gathering feedback from allies on their growth and the positive influence on the business.

The leader's journey through SP360AI is carefully designed to provide a structured, yet flexible approach to gathering feedback, creating actionable plans, and measuring progress. With the support of the AI-powered platform and the program manager, leaders can confidently navigate their development journey and achieve meaningful growth.

The Ally Experience

SP360AI empowers allies to play a crucial role in the growth and development of rising leaders. The AI-powered platform guides allies in providing constructive, solution-oriented feedback that highlights the leader's strengths and identifies areas for growth.

The AI assistant helps allies properly word their feedback, ensuring it is both effective and supportive. By focusing on the leader's strengths and envisioning a desired future relationship, allies contribute to creating a positive feedback culture within the organization.

SP360AI teaches allies the principles of solution-oriented feedback, enabling them to provide actionable insights that help leaders unlock their full potential. The platform also emphasizes the importance of allies understanding their success is linked to the success of the developing leader, fostering a sense of shared purpose and collaboration.

As an ally, you will be asked to commit to one specific action to support the leader's development, demonstrating your dedication to their growth and creating a culture of mutual support and accountability. Through SP360AI, allies become active participants in the leadership development process, contributing unique perspectives and insights to help rising leaders thrive.

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The Power of Shift Positive: Transforming Leadership Development with SP360AI

SP360AI is built on the transformative principles of Shift Positive, a pioneering approach to leadership development that harnesses the power of positive psychology, strengths-based coaching, and social support. By integrating these key concepts into the SP360AI platform, rising leaders can expect a truly transformative experience that sets them up for success.

At the heart of Shift Positive lies a focus on identifying and leveraging individual strengths, providing solution-focused feedback, and promoting transparency in the feedback process.

SP360AI guides participants in uncovering their unique talents and abilities, enabling them to build upon these strengths and apply them effectively in their leadership roles. The platform encourages allies to provide specific, actionable insights that highlight what leaders are doing well and identify areas for growth.

SP360AI also recognizes the importance of context in the feedback process and emphasizes the energy of the leader and its impact on team dynamics. By providing a narrative report that includes the context behind the feedback, leaders gain a deeper understanding of their allies' perspectives and can engage in meaningful conversations that foster trust and collaboration.

The benefits of SP360AI are numerous and far-reaching. Leaders can expect to:

  • Gain deep insights into their strengths, growth opportunities, and the expectations others hold of them
  • Develop a personalized growth plan that aligns with their goals and aspirations
  • Foster stronger relationships with allies and create a culture of trust and collaboration
  • Track their progress and measure the impact of their growth on the business

By combining the power of Shift Positive with cutting-edge AI technology, SP360AI offers a truly transformative leadership development experience.

Rising leaders who embrace this approach can expect to unlock their full potential, drive positive change, and achieve lasting success in their careers.

Organizations can expect a culture of open, constructive, effective feedback.

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