An illustration showing a person positioned in the center with others surrounding them, symbolizing leadership. The central figure appears confident and authoritative, while the surrounding individuals look towards them, indicating their role as a leader within the group.

Executive and Leadership Development

Shift Positive® provides the most in-depth and constructive feedback your leaders will ever experience.

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Feedback Matters for Leaders and Executives

Giving and receiving feedback is a crucial leadership skill. Shift Positive® creates immediate results, impacting your ability to retain employees while shifting the culture toward a positive growth mindset. Grounded in Positive Psychology & Social Support, Shift Positive is more than a unique method of gathering and giving feedback. It is a mindset that creates a shift in how leaders engage with one another, building a more positive, solution-focused, engaged, and inspired workforce.

Executives and leaders are role models shaping the workplace environment, setting the tone, and influencing employee engagement, and performance. Constructive feedback is the bridge to excellence, offering leaders the insights they need.

This is incredibly profound while at the same time being simple and direct. Shifting away from peer criticism and lack of individual commitment, this approach teaches leaders and team members alike to hone their personal awareness, participate in the development of others, and collectively drive success as a team. I've seen nothing like it, and it is effective.

Scott Holstine, President at Teleflex

Shift Positive 360® + Executive Coaching + Progress Survey

An illustration portraying a person standing atop an arrow, symbolizing growth and progress. The individual appears confident and upward-looking, indicating their success and advancement.

Provide the most in-depth and effective feedback that your leaders have ever received. The Shift Positive 360® is different than most approaches to feedback, and as a result is far more effective. It uses:

  • Appreciative questions to understand the best of what is
  • Solution-focused questions to identify specific desired behaviors
  • Systems thinking to garner allies from the leader's "people system"
  • Social network analysis to gain insight into energy raising behaviors and energy drains

This process is not just about the individual leader receiving the feedback. It is about creating an environment that is conducive to the leader's progress and engagement; creating fertile soil for growth. It is about creating deeper, lasting change, faster, with more dialogue, disclosure, and depth of thought by all participants—all allies in each other's success.

Shift Positive is solution-focused rather than problem-focused, concentrating on what's working and what could work even better to empower each leader and their allies to succeed collectively. It's not confidential or anonymous because understanding the context of the feedback offers the best chance for lasting change.

The full 360 report is exclusively viewed by the leader and coach. Working closely with their coach, they craft a comprehensive development plan. The stakeholders (or "allies") who are interviewed also grow by learning a new way of giving feedback. In the process:

  • We work with each leader to identify who is best to include in their Shift Positive 360 and then interview each one using our proprietary approach
  • We review the detailed report and, in the end, the leader has 2-3 specific behavioral goals, coaching, and the support of the allies in their development
  • 1:1 coaching engagements are available with a certified Shift Positive coach for three, six, nine or twelve months
  • At the conclusion of the engagement, progress and impact are measured through the Shift Progress Survey showing the ROI of this approach

Shift Positive 360, Coaching & Progress Survey's solution-focused approach is your pathway to better leadership.

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The Shift Positive experience was exactly that: positive. It was a great opportunity to receive direct feedback from my team and closest partners on what I do well (and what I can do even better) and where I can focus more energy utilizing my partner and team support. My team and partners said the experience was equally beneficial to them—they had moments of self-reflection and personal growth as well. It truly harnessed the power of a team working together and supporting one another to drive greater success!

Sr. Director and recipient of Shift Positive 360® and Shift Positive® Live

Shift Positive Live

An illustration depicting the Shift Positive Live Method, with a person standing in front of others, actively gathering feedback. The individual appears engaged and responsive, demonstrating the method's emphasis on interactive communication and group feedback.

Shift Positive Live is a condensed version of the 360 approach. Instead of individual 1:1 interviews, the feedback is gathered in a live group setting (of direct reports and key peers) facilitated by a Shift Positive Coach.

In this session, the coach facilitates feedback on the leader's strengths, growth, and gains a commitment of support by each participant for the leader's development.

Shift Positive Live includes:

  • Opportunity for each participant to offer their own perspective in a way that reinforces the principles of Shift Positive (both strengths and constructive feedback) while avoiding group-think
  • Team members can build on each other's feedback to generate further clarity and examples of the leader's strengths and ways in which they can grow
  • A commitment of support from each participant to help the leader in a specific area of development
  • A debrief with the leader (1:1 with coach), crafting a development plan, and steps for engaging the allies in the leader's development

Unlock your leaders' full potential with Shift Positive Live. Take a major step towards organizational excellence by experiencing a transformative feedback journey, where leaders gain clarity, self-awareness, and actionable support from their carefully chosen ally group. But this isn't just for the leader receiving feedback, participants experience and understand a new way of providing constructive, effective feedback; eliminating the need for confidentiality.

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Shift Positive Progress

Leaders are empowered to launch their own online Shift Progress Survey 90+ days after the Shift Positive Live feedback session to understand progress and perceived change, level of support by allies, how they can continue to grow moving forward, and the resulting impact on business results.

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