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Revolutionizing Feedback Delivery Through a Positive Approach

Transform cultures, empower professionals, and foster collaborative growth.

We're Changing the Way People Give Feedback

Change Positive transforms the feedback experience by leveraging positive psychology and social support through our unique Shift Positive® Method. We inspire individuals and organizations to embrace a culture that values open dialogue, transparency, constructive feedback, and collaborative growth where staff become an ally to one another in their professional development.

We train coaches, learning and development professionals, and human resource professionals in the Shift Positive 360® and transform cultures through organizational training including; executive and leadership development, manager training, team training, and company-wide offerings. Further, we offer the AI enabled Shift Positive Empowered technology platform so that any employee can create their own social network of support in their professional development. We continue to develop and refine the most recent advances in the experience of feedback.

Change Positive was co-founded in 2016 by Pete Berridge and Jen Ostrich and they co-created the Shift Positive® Method.

Our Leadership Team

Pete Berridge

Pete Berridge, MAPP, PCCCEO Change Positive

Jamie Shapiro

Jamie Shapiro, PhDPartner/Advisor Change Positive

Jenny Peterson, PhD, PCC

Jenny Peterson, PhD, PCCShift Partner & Corporate Solutions

Holly O'Hanlon, PCC, NBC-HWC

Holly O'Hanlon, PCC, NBC-HWCShift Partner & Corporate Solutions

Molly Conlin Peterson, PCC, MA

Molly Conlin Peterson, PCC, MAShift Partner & Corporate Solutions

Nikki Shultz

Nikki ShultzShift Partner

Kristen Ell, ACC

Kristen Ell, ACCShift Partner & Certifications

Chris Diller, ACC

Chris Diller, ACCShift Partner & Technology

Positive Shifts Start with a Conversation

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