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Solution-Focused Feedback Creates Effective Teams

Human beings thrive when connected with others in healthy, supportive teams. Effective teams not only deliver stronger business results, but also provide the collaborative environment essential for individual wellbeing.

Team cohesion and ongoing feedback strengthens strategies and develops skills. Supportive teammates foster the psychological safety to take risks, share struggles, help without judgment, and hold each other accountable. Accomplishing goals together enhances meaning, fulfillment, and self-confidence.

Bottom line; when teams thrive, so too do employees and the organization.

The key to a high-performing team is a strengths-based, solution-focused approach to feedback. Rather than dwelling on problems, the Shift Positive method identifies what is working well, leverages strengths for collective growth, and encourages team members to become allies to one another.

You have the power to create a culture where feedback becomes a collaborative catalyst, not a critique.

In contrast, traditional feedback methods can inadvertently foster negativity, defensiveness, and resentment within a team, hindering risk-taking and transparency.

When offering career advice over the years, I have often said, 'Know what you are good at, but more importantly, know what you are passionate about.' It was difficult for me to explain 'why' to people until I experienced the formal coaching around strengths-based feedback and took my team through the Shift Positive process. It's a breakthrough in getting alignment, positive energy, and motivation for yourself and your teams!

Ty R. Silberhorn, President & CEO, Apogee Enterprises

Shift Positive Team

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Shift Positive Team is facilitated by seasoned Shift Positive Coaches. Team members learn the design flaws of traditional feedback and then practice the core concepts of the Shift Positive method. Each team member provides live feedback with each other creating greater disclosure and dialogue while creating psychological safety and social support.

Team members receive training on positive psychology and creating a system of social support. Then, each team member shares:

  • Strengths of every other member of the team
  • Understanding of how they are perceived & appreciated by others
  • Constructive feedback (solution-focused)—what each member can do to be even more effective
  • How this information reflects how they want to be seen
  • Their chosen area of development
  • Specific commitments of support of one another

A return session is facilitated to review progress—stories of success—for the team and each individual.

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