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We see the adopters as the managers and leaders who are responsible for giving feedback each day. It is essential that they not just grasp this new mindset and approach but also actively learn how to use it through interactive application and practice, allowing them to model the method effectively with others. They too can benefit from receiving feedback in this new way so they can experience the power of the Shift Positive™ Method. We offer the following solutions for anyone in this tier of the organization:

Adopters | Shift Positive™ Method

Shift Positive Live

The Shift Positive Live is a condensed version of the 360 approach and instead of private 1:1 interviews, the feedback is gathered in a live group setting facilitated by a Shift Positive Coach. Typically facilitated among a leader's direct reports, the Live session includes:

  • opportunity for each participant to offer their own perspective in a way that reinforces the principles of Shift Positive (both strengths and constructive feedback)
  • team members can build on each other's feedback to generate further clarity and examples of the leader's strengths and ways in which she/he can grow
  • a commitment from each participant on where and how they can help the leader to grow in a specific area
  • a live debrief with the leader (1:1 with coach) concluding with a commitment of 2-3 shifts for the leader's development

Shift Positive Progress

Leaders are empowered to launch their own online Shift Positive Progress survey 90+ days after the Live feedback session to understand progress and perceived change, what type of support their allies have provided, and how they can continue to grow moving forward.

Shift Positive Applied

It is essential that this group not just understand the core concepts behind the Shift Positive™ Method but also feel empowered to use and model the method accurately throughout the organization. Each leader will go through either a half or full day of training with a Shift Positive coach to learn and apply:

  • re-framing problem focused feedback to solution-focused feedback
  • appreciative inquiry—imagining the best of what is
  • strengths-based feedback and understanding individual strengths better
  • creating systems of support through ally groups and individual commitments

We also have solutions for how everyone across the organization can use the Shift Positive™ Method and become ambassadors of building an open and productive culture of feedback.

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"In just a 2-hour session on the Shift Positive feedback method, employees walked away with an 'ah-ha' moment. Jen has taught us to constantly ask ourselves to 'visualize what success looks like' in our daily interactions with peers and direct reports, and that's helped steer conversations in a more productive manner."

Jeryn Blossom
Director of Employee Services

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