Is Your Coaching Effective?

That can be a hard question to answer. Your client says they enjoy working with you. The HR leader seems pleased with how you are coaching their key employee. But, do you really know? How?

Is Your Coaching Effective?

Frequently, coaches perform a 360 on their client by interviewing the client's stakeholders. This helps gather information and create focus for the coaching plan. But, is that where it stops? Does your client share her/his development goals with those stakeholders? Do the stakeholders make any commitment to the client to help them grow and develop? Do you ever ask the stakeholders to report on the progress of the client?

The Shift Positive method does.

With the Shift Positive 360® we engage stakeholders as allies to help our clients. Then, with the Shift Progress Survey we measure progress by asking them:

  • Do you know the client's development goals?
  • How'd they do?
  • What worked?
  • What impact did that have? Quantify it.
  • Did you, stakeholder, help?
  • How?
  • How much?
  • What should the client continue to do to get even better?
  • How will you help?

With the Shift Positive 360® process, we're keeping the stakeholders engaged. They don't just provide feedback and move on. They're allies in the client's success. Further, we give coaches the opportunity to measure the extent of the client's change. Would you like to know if coaching is really working? Would you like to show it?

Coaches and HR Business Partners certified in the Shift Positive 360® have access to the Shift Progress Survey! Finally, there will be insight into how effective the coaching process is for the client, the coach, and the company that sponsors the engagement.

How about you?

What can you do to measure the success of your coaching? How can you help your client gain insights into what is working and how they can grow even more?

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