As Coach, Have You Been "In Between?"

You receive feedback from HR, your client's supervisor, and peers that your client has some "growth areas."

As Coach, Have You Been In Between?

What do you do with the information? Now, you're in the "In Between Zone."

What contributes to this situation? Here are a few of the underlying beliefs or accepted practices regarding feedback and coaching?


For some reason it is an accepted practice that feedback and 360's are to be confidential. "Gather the feedback but just don't let them know it came from me."

Growth Areas

Everyone has growth areas. We expect a discussion of strengths to be followed by weaknesses. "Let's get on with it. We're all adults here."

It's the coach's job to help fix what is broken. "I'll support my employee by investing in coaching. Now, it's your job to help them grow."

As a result, the coach gets caught "in-between." Let's challenge these practices. View the 7-minute talk to get a taste of how coaches can change this dynamic. See how the Shift Positive method and our 360 training can transform the way narrative 360's are conducted and create positive change and powerful experiences for your clients.