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We see the advocates as the senior leaders of the organization, HRBPs, and talent directors—their role is to embrace and model a new mindset acting as key influencers of others. Positive Psychology is indeed that—a different mindset. So, in order to fully grasp this different way of gathering and giving feedback, and ultimately to be able to champion this alternative mindset to the company at large, we recommend a few solutions before roll-out to the rest of the organization:

Advocates | Shift Positive<sup>®</sup> method

"Jen Ostrich's session at our fall conference was one of the highest rated out of all 107 speakers we featured. And I know why: her Shift Positive topic is relevant, her expertise is unmatched and her delivery is funny and engaging. If you are planning an event where you want attendees to take something truly useful home with them, hire Jen."

Kat Gordon, Founder/CEO, 3% Movement

Shift Positive Company-wide Keynote

Our company-wide keynote is a foundational and inspiring session that helps everyone understand how to change the feedback experience through Positive Psychology + System Support. In an hour long session we'll cover:

  • the distinction of a positive psychology mindset
  • the concepts and science behind the Shift Positive® method
  • how to shift from problem-focused to solution-focused feedback, creating a more productive + energizing feedback experience

Executive Coaching with Shift Positive 360 + Progress Survey

The Executive / Leadership Team receives their own Shift Positive 360 allowing them to experience receiving feedback differently. The stakeholders (or "allies") who are interviewed (peers, manager, and direct reports) also grow by learning a new way of giving feedback. The process is simple:

  • We work with each leader to identify who is best to include in their Shift Positive 360 and then interview each one using our proprietary approach.
  • We review the detailed report and in the end the leader has 2-3 specific behavioral goals, coaching, and the support of these allies in their development.
  • 1:1 coaching engagements are available with a certified Shift Positive coach for three, six, nine or twelve months in addition to the 360 + Progress survey
  • At the conclusion of the engagement, progress and impact are measured through the Shift Progress Survey showing the value of this approach.

Shift Positive Certification

If your organization is interested in using the full Shift Positive 360 process to gather and give feedback to employees, the HRBP team can become certified in the Shift Positive 360 and be licensed to use it internally. We can work with you to create a custom certification process at your company or have you join one of our external coach certification trainings, depending on the size of your group and timing needs.

As the Advocates begin championing the new mindset, see what solutions we have for the core Adopters who will be modeling the new method.

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"The Shift Positive 360 is more than an alternative to traditional narrative 360's. It is a powerful tool with the ability to impact the leadership DNA of an organization and facilitate a culture shift."

Shift Positive Certified Coach

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