Change the way people experience feedback in your organization

Bringing the Shift Positive 360 method into your corporate environment creates immediate results, impacting your ability to retain employees while shifting the culture toward a positive growth mindset. Through a focus of Positive Psychology and Social Support Systems, the Shift Positive 360 is more than a unique method of gathering and giving feedback. It's a mindset that creates a shift in how employees engage with one another building a more positive, solution-focused, engaged and inspired workforce.

If you are interested in using the Shift Positive 360 method in your organization to create a cultural shift, please contact us to learn more. We offer customized onsite certification of your internal coaches and HR business partners to support your organization's learning goals and desired culture. Further to ensure success, we remain your partner throughout the integration by answering questions, offering spot coaching and training, and helping the group of certified practitioners hone their skills.

Training + Integration Process includes:

  • two full training days (per group of practitioners) with interactive learning and real time application
  • comprehensive participant workbook with Positive Psychology and Social Systems research and support
  • customized approach to integrate into your organizational culture and to change the way that people experience feedback
  • 1:1 consulting and coaching support throughout the roll out and integration process
  • custom templates and materials required to administer the Shift Positive 360

Pricing varies based on the number of employees, participants, and the duration of the engagement. Contact us to discuss what's best for your organization. If you are an internal HRBP, you are also welcome to attend our coach certification to learn more and become certified in the Shift Positive 360 method; however please be aware of our corporate terms of use.

"The Shift Positive 360 is more than a 360—it's actually a framework for change."

Executive Coach, MAPP

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