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We see the ambassadors as key to helping this mindset and method catch fire throughout the organization, ultimately driving the shift toward an open and productive feedback culture. After attending the company-wide training, potentially participating in their managers' Shift Positive Live, and receiving feedback from their Manager in the Shift Positive framework, we'll arm this group with tools to build their own group of allies. This creates a social network of support for each employee's development.

Ambassadors | Shift Positive™ Method

Shift Positive Empowered

Empowered is the scalable solution to allow anyone to gather and receive feedback through the Shift Positive™ Method. In a world where more and more employees are entering the workforce expecting real time feedback, professional development, and support, Shift Positive Empowered does just that:

  • We train employees on how to incorporate Shift Positive into their company's existing software platform or recommend one of our partner's platforms to build their own group of allies.
  • Each employee solicits strengths-based feedback, constructive feedback, identifies areas of professional growth, and gains one commitment from each ally to reinforce progress in real time.
  • Enables employees to use their social network for positive professional development.

Shift Positive Progress

All employees are empowered to launch their own online Shift Positive Progress survey to understand progress and perceived change, what type of support their allies have provided, and how they can continue to grow moving forward.

Let's talk about how to start building an open feedback culture in your organization.

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"The Shift Positive 360 is more than an alternative to traditional narrative 360's. It is a powerful tool with the ability to impact the leadership DNA of an organization and facilitate a culture shift."

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